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Special Education Services Provided by Full-Time Teachers

Alpine Academy Utah ensures that each child receives a tailored education to suit their individual learning techniques and capabilities.

With a plethora of special education services, Alpine Academy Utah ensures that each child receives a tailored education that will suit their individual learning techniques and capabilities.

A full-time special education teacher will be assigned to each student who needs assistance and education plans will be put in place to ensure the child receives maximum support.

All students are entitled to personal guidance and small class sizes, but Alpine Academy uses a testing system that will categorize students into two sections depending on their difficulties and additional needs. Students with minor learning difficulties or processing problems can receive Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and those with more serious issues will be subject to the 504 Program.

Individual Education Plans

The objective of an IEP is to offer an individualized education to each student and aims to accommodate each pupil’s unique needs. These are free services and are created under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

IEPs are eligible for any student with the following:

  • The child has one (or multiple) of the 13 disabilities mentioned in the list provided by IDEA. ADHD, autism, and processing issues are just 3 of the many listed.
  • The disability must impact the child’s ability to learn and/or their educational performance.

Each IEP is created by a special team made up of parents, a psychologist, a special education teacher, and a district representative. Each member should bring something different to the plan and their combined expertise aims to provide the best services for the child.

The IEP is a written document that will draw out a plan that begins with an accurate depiction of the child’s present abilities and ends with a realistic objective. The plan will cover every stage of development in between and additionally includes smaller details such as changes to the learning environment.

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The 504 Program

Written according to the regulations set out in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the 504 plan aims to support children with disabilities and remove educational barriers for those who need specific environments or needs.

504 Plans are eligible for students with the following:

  • A child with any disability. This program encompasses more disabilities than the list provided by IDEA.
  • The disability must influence the way the child learns in typical classroom environments.

These key differences mean that children who cannot receive help under the IEPs may have a better chance of receiving support under the 504 program.

The team that makes decisions about the child’s 504 plan or adjustments to their support network includes the same people as the IEP but the 504 program requires the additional involvement of the principal.

Final Thoughts

Alpine Academy has a range of services and support systems available to all students but is particularly accommodating for children who struggle with disabilities or learning difficulties. In addition to providing thorough support through the IEP and 504 plan systems, the academy ensures that full-time special education teachers are accessible at all times, providing continuous assistance for all pupils.

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